World of Carnatic Veena Music by Sujana Vadlamani

Welcome to the World of Veena Music by Sujana Vadlamani

Born in 1976 in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, Sujana Sarma Vadlamani(Parupalli) comes from a family with rich music tradition. She is the grand-daughter of Late Sangeetha Sarvabhouma Parupalli Ramakrishnayya Pantulu, who was the teacher of renowned vocalist Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna. Her brother Parupalli Subbaraya Phalgun is also an excellent percussion ( Mridangam and Kanjeera) artist and is currently a Lecturer in Music College, Vijayawada. Smt.Sujana Sarma started learning the Veena at the age of 10. She learnt veena initially from Smt. Lakshmi Suramma and then had advanced training later from renowned violinist and composer Shri. N.C.H. Krishnamacharyulu. She has given many concerts in All India Radio, Vijayawada
(currently a B High grade Artist in All India Radio) and in many places in South India.

On 19-6-2007, Smt. Sujana gave
a live radio concert on FM Gold channel, Chennai. The recorded concert is

On 8-5-2007, Smt. Sujana
gave a veena concert at the Institute for
Mathematical Sciences (IMSc)
, Chennai. The full concert is available

She was accompanied on the Mrudangam by Shri. Delhi S. Sairam and on the Ghatam
by Shri. H. Sivaramakrishnan.

Some of her veena music (without accompaniment) in real audio format is presented here.

You Need Real Player to listen to the following.

Veena by Sujana Vadlamani

Composition Ragam Talam Composer
Varnam Sahana Adi Turuvotriyur Thyagaiyer Download
Panchamathanga Malahari Rupakam Muddhuswamy Dikshitar Download
Bhogeendra Sayanam Kuntalavarali Mishra Chapu Swathi Tirunal Download
Vanchato Karnaranjani Rupakam Muthiah Bhagavathar Download
Pariyachakama Vanaspathi Rupakam Thyagaraja Download
Niravadi sukhada Ravichandrika Adi Thyagaraja Download
Sarasa samadana Kapinarayani Adi Thyagaraja Download
Mayateeta Mayamalavagowla Rupakam Ponnaya Pillai Download
Alapana Todi Download
Koluva mare Todi Adi Thyagaraja Download
Samaja vara gamana Hindolam Adi Thyagaraja Download
Endaro Sri Adi Thyagaraja Download
Sadhinchene Aarabhi Adi Thyagaraja Download
Alapana Sunadavinodini Download
Devadi deva Sunadavinodini Adi Mysore Vasudevachar Download
Bhajare Abheri Adi Mysore Vasudevachar Download
Venugana Kedaragowla Rupakam Thyagaraja Download
Pakkala Nilabadi Kharaharapriya Mishra Chapu Tyagaraja Download
Maye tvamehi Tarangini Adi Mudhuswami Dikshitar Download
Vallabha Begada Rupakam Mudhuswami Dikshitar Download
Aalapana Bhiravi Download
Teliyaleru Rama Dhenuka Adi Tyagaraja Download
Manavi alakimchara Nalinakanthi Adi Tyagaraja Download
Sri Ramana Vibho Aarabhi Adi Swathi Tirunal Download
Raghu Vamsa Kadana kuthuhalam Adi Patnam Subramanya Iyer Download
Mahaniya madhura Mahathi Rupakam M. Balamuralikrishna Download
Rama Rama Sindhu Bhairavi Adi Prayaga Rangadasu Download
Telisi Rama Purnachandrika Adi Tyagaraja Download
Thillana Mohanakalyani Adi Lalgudi G. Jayaraman Download
Thillana Desh Adi Lalgudi G. Jayaraman Download



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